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A breathtaking island. Pretty lady. Handsome sailor. The melody of freedom sees quietly at sea and on land. C’est Magnifique? Great? It’s 3:57 am. I can’t sleep. I listen. I think.

Yesterday I heard about a new phone app that “aims to protect your health” and “inform users about possible contact with infected patients (on COVID-19)”. This information took away my balance and sleep. Thoughts have gone far into the future, which looks like the picture for the song of my favorite Melody Gardot and Portuguese singer António Zambujo.

I saw this vision of the future a few years ago, in the film “The Giver”. It’s the perfect world. Society doesn’t know war, no pain, no sorrow, no other feelings. Everything is safe and black and white until… It’s worth seeing. And memorize.

I don’t need my personal giver. I live long enough to have memories: aids or bird flu are enough. A lot of not so colorful reality.

My island is colorful. I still see greenery and hug people. A guy with an open newspaper on his lap asks if I’m from Italy. When I say I’m Polish, she asks how many are infected in my country. I shrug and walk away. I distance myself. I don’t want to get infected by his way of thinking.

I don’t want to get infected with fear. I don’t want to distance myself from life. Whatever it brings, I hope that I will save all the colors and all the feelings. On my island there is still a place for another human. For those who are even afraid – but still thinks.

In this black and white video, a man and a woman travel. You hope they will meet. They are adults. They want to be free and healthy. Does that mean loneliness?

*Image Source: Free-Photos from Pixabay