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When I sit in a soft armchair, among others, similar and at the same time so different, I freeze. I longed for this moment for a long time. Recently, I have been finding most of such experiences on the Internet. However, it is a completely different dimension, so the difference in sensory perception is huge. Here, even the smell of dust becomes more pleasant.

I have had acute senses since I was a child. I have the impression that scents reach me earlier than others. I used to consider it a nuisance, but later it turned out that more often than not it was a privilege. That’s why even from a distance I can feel the bittersweet smell of rosin. I had been waiting for this scent, known since childhood. I look straight ahead. After a short while of me wondering if I’ll have time to take a photo before they enter, they come. All in black. As usual. Even women’s jewelry and watches on men’s wrists, highlighted by the glow of strong lights, do not distract.

Among the serious facial expressions, there are gentle smiles in response to those sent by others. Everyone stops for a moment and then it appears – a timid but confident sound. A tone produced by someone standing close to the audience. Immediately after it, there is a cascade of sounds that together create a special cacophony, but each one is precisely tuned to the one given at the beginning. When everyone freezes, it is a sign that the master of ceremonies is about to enter. Even though it’s not a funeral or a wedding. But for me, it’s an equally uplifting moment. I expect a black tailcoat, even though it has long been replaced by interesting outfits.

Suddenly timid, and then there’s probably applause. All chairs on stage are left without their owners for a while. One handshake and everyone returns to their seats. And then there is complete silence. No one even thinks of disturbing it. After this long pause, the next ones follow, but all of them interwoven with many sounds, creating a harmony or a melding in a form planned with surgical precision. And it’s happening. Magic. What follows is neither talked nor written about, because no words can express this miracle. When we try to put definitions into this phenomenon, we take away what is most important. Something that brings tears to people’s faces.

A famous film critic says that fifty percent of the film is displayed on the screen and the other fifty percent in the head. In the concert hall, one hundred percent of the music is displayed in the soul.
*Photo source: InspiredImages from Pixabay

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