Under the magnifying glass

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The world is taking a part of a war. Someone or something decides when and how we should interact with others, indicates how to protect against a threat, or even what is that threat. Behind closed doors you can hear different reactions to the situation:

“You are irresponsible! Without getting vaccinated, you threaten others.”

‘I don’t believe in this vaccine, but I have to do it because I won’t see my daughter living abroad.’

“Grandma has just died, and you’re arranging a corona party with your colleagues?”

“The doctor said it was worth it.”

“If you were in my situation – you would understand.”

“We didn’t give up on the communes (period of time when communist rule imposed over Poland) , and now we won’t give up!”

“I’m seventy years old, my dear – now it’s up to me to decide.”

“I’m afraid.”

Someone cries, someone screams, often the house is filled with unbearable silence. From behind the masks, we can see only as much as the sense of security allows. In the meantime, we are getting far apart. Everyone sees only the point of view behind their own glasses, believing that they see better than others.

“One would have to give up the moral judgment on anyone. No one is responsible for what it is, nor can change it’s own nature. It’s as bright as the sun, everyone knows it. So why you need to lie or denigrate? Because to live, to judge, to make judgments, it requires to refrain from them – if it’s not the result of cowardice – a great effort.”

Emile Michel Cioran

I put the magnifying glass to myself. I see as much as I can see here and now. Maybe in a moment I’ll see more, maybe less. I don’t want to lie or denigrate myself. I see more clearly, that I am doing this to others, and I am looking for an answer to the question of “How can I avoid this?” Today I find this answer:

“Love shows us who we want to be. War shows who we are.”

Kristin Hannah
Now you can see under the magnifying glass, what glasses we reach for more willingly. Mine are neither better nor worse than others. I used to put them on and feel safer. I changed and still change glasses, but mostly I look through the “first” ones, even when I do not know about it. Will I ever dare to take them off? What will turn out then?
*Photo source: SplitShire from Pixabay