The smile of fate

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I saw him for the first time on a big screen in a cinema in Gdynia, where a report from a concert in Portofino was shown. He stood in shoes the color of the Italian flag. When he started playing the accordion, he all became music. That’s why I immediately committed it to the memory. A few years later, I went to my beloved city of birth, for the anniversary of the choir in which I sang when I still lived in Toruń. After the concert, at the cake, I gave him my pen so that he could sign autographs. And today, on the tiny island where I lived four years ago, he appeared on stage again, and I could sit and be moved by his bandeon playing.

Many people ask me: “How do you deal with missing great cultural events? It’s probably rare in such a remote area?” It’s true, the island doesn’t even know how many great musicians it hosted… But isn’t this a big smile on my face? To appear at his concert, I would have to travel thousands of kilometers and miraculously get tickets for a lot of money. And I’m sitting among dozens of music lovers who came for a free feast for the soul.

All I had to do was write to the festival organizers asking for a ticket, like everyone else on the island. All you had to do was reserve your ticket by e-mail, then pick it up half an hour before the concert and sit in a small room in the Cultural Center in the heart of the island. A few steps from the most beautiful beach in Europe, next to the house where Christopher Columbus lived when he married Felipa Perestrello de Moniz, daughter of the former governor of Porto Santo.

When I returned home, I wrote to my beloved conductor, Kinga Litowska from Toruń:

Hi dear…
today I went to a concert on our island… do you recognize anyone? (I’m sending a photo)

Today’s concert… touched me… I remember when I was with you after the ASTROLABIUM anniversary and Mario didn’t have a good pen for autographs… I gave him mine… today I didn’t go backstage because I was with company, but my heart beat for him.

How this energy flows… Shock!

As they say now: “HE MADE MY DAY!”

ps. My friend from Madagascar, with whom I sit at the same desk during Portuguese lessons, welcomed him at the hotel today because she works at the reception.

Po chwili dostaję odpowiedź:

Haha…. it’s incredible!
Do you know that at this moment I’m at his parents house in Atessa?

I smile in disbelief because this is all unbelievable. The musical family is huge and sometimes a MIRACLE happens when puzzles scattered around the world suddenly fit into a common, energetic whole for a moment. We are so far and yet so close at the same time. I will remember this moment and will certainly come back to it when, in the future, I take a tiny, GREAT conductor (recognized around the world) around the tiny Portuguese island, who walks the streets of our Polish city every day. We were educated at the same university, but we didn’t have the opportunity to meet because I left my alma mater before she arrived. Now we have shared memories and today we can write to each other at any time of the day or night… Once again, I thank life for putting her in my path.

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi will forever be deeply engraved in my heart. I hope we will meet again someday.

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