Women and myself on the occasion and without

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I was intimidated but also curious if I could do it. As accordion music played from the speaker, all I heard was a whisper, “Close your eyes and trust.” we stood. I felt my heart beating faster. I wanted so much to surrender to the rhythm and music, but above all to the guidance of my partner. This one, first time – it worked. When the tango stopped, I stood enchanted with my eyes closed.

When a mother teaches her daughter independence, she often forgets about balance. The girl must be able to cope with life in order to fulfill the role of wife and mother well. This requires great strength. Women often build their self-esteem based on this role. If you’re not a “good” wife and mother…

What a wonderful kind of satisfaction you feel in the evening when, closing your eyes (if you manage to stay awake immediately), you add up the effects of your parallel activities.
Or rather: what painful insufficiency accompanies you before bedtime, when you hear an inner voice mercilessly enumerating what you didn’t manage to do today.

Because after all, a good wife, daughter and mother …

At work, you prove that you are not worse, and you even have the ambition to be better. You must prove that you have not been employed on the so-called. “beautiful eyes”. And the stress of “how do I tell my boss that I’m expecting a baby?”. The husband may also be surprised or, on the contrary, be disappointed that it failed again. But you’ll be fine. Who if not you?

Sometimes you just cry into a pillow from helplessness – yes, but these are “those” days – no wonder.

And suddenly you’re on the dance floor. And you are not allowed to drive. That’s what the partner is for. And you, used to taking the initiative and taking responsibility, can’t. You only trust yourself. Especially since your husband’s mistress is completely unlike you. You forgot, or rather you never knew about the other side of femininity. The delicacy in your hands. That swaying of the hips. This devotion. After all, my mother painted her nails only on holidays.

Somewhere at the bottom of the soul, a sensitive, delicate flame is smoldering. He needs special care. Only you can make fire from it and put out the fire at will. But do you want to remember it? Will you give yourself a moment to remember the pleasant warmth?

Suddenly, only the here and now matters. I didn’t know this man. All I heard was the music and the rhythm of my own heart. I noticed I’m not the only one. I was captivated by the beautiful women around me. If they can do it, so can I?
The accordion sweetly oozed its melody. He was shaking with emotions. Hugged.
Today I will open my eyes and the tango with my femininity will last.